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The natural beauty that surrounds the chapel, combined with the simple elegance of the chapel building, makes it a popular venue for marriage ceremonies.  To reserve the chapel, please contact one of the member congregations by phone or their website (click on "Congregations" link above right).  All calendar reservations must be made by one of our member congregations or affiliate members*.  If your faith tradition is not represented by one of these congregations, you may have a wedding sponsored by a member congregation.  Just call and ask the faith tradition closest to your religious beliefs or call the Director, Eileen Jacobs, at (970)471-3117.

Wedding Time Slots: (for weekend weddings only*)

Fridays 2-hour time slot, ending by 4 p.m.
3-hour time slot, ending by 4 p.m.
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
11:00 - 1:00 p.m.
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
*Weekday weddings, Monday through Thursday, may be held at varying times as there are no pre-defined time slots.  The minimum charge for a wedding Monday through Thursday, for up to two hours, is $400.

You may check availability by clicking on the Chapel calendar link on the Home Page.  If your desired date is available, the next step is to call the office of the faith tradition you wish to be married in or sponsored by.  Each congregation provides a wedding steward to help you with the details of your wedding at the chapel.  He or she will be knowledgeable of all chapel policies, systems and time slots.  A Chapel Use Agreement must be signed and returned indicating your understanding of chapel policies.  You will receive a copy of this agreement along with an invoice after your reservation has been made.


The Beaver Creek Chapel seats approximately 200 in the main sanctuary and an additional 50 in the balcony.  The main aisle has nine pews on each side, each seating approximately nine adults comfortably plus the annex and the balcony.


An organ and a grand piano are available in the chapel.  Arrangements for musicians can be made through your minister's wedding staff.  The chapel has Lavolier wireless lapel mics operated by a sound system in the balcony.

Religious Symbols:

The chapel was designed for services of many different faiths and, therefore, with the exception of a Tabernacle built into the wall, has no other permanent religious symbols.  A removable cross and a removable Star of David can be found in the Sacristy.


The aisle is approximately 45 feet long from the bottom step of the altar to the interior set of glass doors.  There are nine pews on either side of the aisle, seating approximately 9 adults comfortably in each pew (the annex holds another 30 or so guests plus the balcony).

Seasonal Decorations:

The Chapel at Beaver Creek is decorated with seasonal decorations including garland, wreaths, white lights, poinsettias, etc. from approximately the third week in December through Epiphany Sunday (the Sunday after January 6th).  Decorations will not be removed for any service so if you do not wish to have these as part of your wedding, please plan accordingly.

Payment Policies:

The Beaver Creek Religious Foundation will invoice you electronically for the chapel fee upon request by the minister's office.  Payment must be made within 14 days of billing unless other arrangements are made.  Cancellations are done through the minister's office only.  The cancellation policy is a minimum cancellation/administrative fee of $75 for a 3-hour time slot and $50 for a 2-hour time slot.  Weddings cancelled six months or more prior to the wedding are eligible for a full refund less the administrative fee.  Weddings cancelled between three and six months are subject to a cancellation fee of 50%.  Weddings cancelled less than three months prior to the wedding date are subject to forfeiture of the entire chapel use fee.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CHAPEL USE FEE IS ONLY FOR THE ACTUAL RENTING OF THE CHAPEL.  All other fees are determined either by the sponsoring organization, i.e. the member congregation, affiliate pastor and/or BCRF.

*Affiliate Pastors are those pastors who have been approved by the Beaver Creek Religious Foundation to perform weddings at the chapel without the sponsorship of one of our member congregations.  An example is a non-denominational Christian wedding.  These weddings, rather than being sponsored by a member congregation, are sponsored by the Beaver Creek Religious Foundation.  Please note that the BCRF will charge a sponsorship fee similar to the member congregation fees.  Please ask the officiating pastor to provide you with a list of all fees associated with having your wedding sponsored by the BCRF.